Out-Of-This-World Hot Lunch Program

Did you know that our School menu follows the Choose Most and Choose Sometimes requirements set forth by the Ministries of Health and the Ministries of Education guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools. Click here to view the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education's 2008 minimum standards.


Reject processed cheeses and white dough and welcome 100% natural cheese and memorable flavours! Click here to download our Hot Lunch Information or click here to view our nutritional information.


Remember, schools play a crucial role in influencing smart eating habits in children a nutritious and tasty lunch equals proper fuel for learning and physical activity. We invite all parents, teachers and children alike, to consider Flying Wedge for your next Pizza Day. Give us a minimum of three days notice and we will package each personal-sized pizza individually, assemble the orders by division, ensure that the pizzas stay fresh and hot on the road, and deliver it FREE right to your school!


Wait, there’s more! Want to offer your classroom an experience that they will never forget? Coordinate with your neighbourhood Flying Wedge restaurant a morning fieldtrip where the kids can learn about food safety while assembling and baking their very own personal pizza. It will be a great opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes of our stores and to nourish the appetites of your classroom!